Farm Fresh Lamb!

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Are you hungry for Farm Fresh Local Lamb?    Lets us help feed your adventurous side!  Our Lambs is USDA inspected and CryoVac sealed for freshness.   We will bill you for the exact weight.     Message us and tell us what cuts you are looking for.   
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Facebook Message: Kitzan Family Farms, LLC
Text message: 605-430-8052
  • Fresh Leg of Lamb!   Our Leg of Lamb will weigh between 3-6 Pounds, CyroVac (sealed for freshness).   Let us know if you want a small, medium or large size and you will be billed for the exact weight.   
  • Lamb Chops.  The Chops are cut 1" and are two full chops per package.
  • Shoulder Roast.   DeBoned and Rolled
  • Smoke Cured Lamb Roast!  This is a ready to eat product!!!!
  • Lamb Ribs   Two sides per package
  • Lamb Burger   1# packages
  • Lamb Cube Meat 1# packages
  • Lamb Chislic 1# packages
  • Lamb Shanks 2 per package
  • Lamb Neck - 1 per package
  • Lamb Bones 5# pound package
  • Lamb Heart
  • Lamb Liver
  • Lamb Kidney

Whole and Half lambs are available.