Wool Sheep Puffs

Wool Sheep Puffs

  • $8.00

Fun Fact: A group of sheep is called a herd, a flock, or a mob.

This adorable little cutie, is a Wool Sheep Puff charm.  She is made from one of our family's wool pelts.  She is about 4" x 4", and some sort of beautiful adornment around her neck and color coordinating eyelids.  She hangs from a chain with a key ring and a lobster claw clasp.

These charms are fun to put on backpacks, book bags or purses.  We make them in blue, red, yellow, pink, purple and in the natural cream color.  

Order one today, and let us choose the color, or get your "flock" of friends together and order a "mob" of them.

P.S.- Teachers tell us they make an excellent sensory awareness tool because of their eyes and their texture.